Traditional Dalia Kheer


Traditional Dalia Kheer

The greatest way to end a meal is with a traditional Indian dessert prepared by Mastercook Dalia! It is made with milk, almonds, nuts & a smidgeon of cardamom.

Servings - 6
Difficulty Level - Easy
Preparation Time - 10 Mins
Cook Time - 30 Mins


  • 150 gm / 1 cup Mastercook Dalia Mastercook Dalia
  • 1 liter Fresh Milk
  • 625 ml / 2.5 cups Water
  • 150 gm Jaggery, grated or scraped thin
  • 3 no’s Mastercook Elaichi, powdered
  • 30 gm / 2 tbsp Ghee
  • 15 gm Cashew nuts
  • 15 gm Almonds
  • 15 gm Raisins


  • Pistachios , Saffron


  • Start by washing the Mastercook Dalia twice, drain in a strainer and set aside.
  • In a pressure cooker, add ½ tbsp of ghee and fry the dry fruits until lightly golden, remove from the ghee and set aside.
  • Now add the remaining ghee and let it warm up slightly.
  • Heat up the water till boiling.
  • Add the washed dalia and roast it on low-medium flame for about 5-8 minutes until the dalia is golden brown and fragrant.
  • Add the hot water to the dalia and stir once. Add the lid of the pressure cooker and cook on medium flame until one whistle. Reduce the flame to low and continue cooking for an additional 5 minutes, a whistle may or may not come at this point.
  • After 5 minutes, switch off the flame and allow it to depressurize on its own.
  • In a pot, add the milk and bring to a boil stirring continuously and scraping the cream that forms on the sides.
  • Once it is boiling, reduce the flame and allow it to reduce by 25%
  • Once the milk has reduced, add the cooked dalia to the milk and boil again for 3-4 minutes, the mixture will thicken slightly.
  • Add the jaggery and Mastercook elaichi powder.
  • Once the jaggery has melted, add the roasted dry fruits from earlier.
  • Bring to a boil once again and switch off the flame

Tips for Cooking

  • You can adjust the sweetness to your liking, instead of sugar, jaggery can be used as well.
  • The initial roasting of the dalia is very important to the flavour of the kheer, do not skip this step.
  • A few strands of saffron can be added to the kheer to impart their aroma, do not add too much or the color will change.

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