Idli Rice


Idli Rice provided by Mastercook is purely Natural and its raw materials are sourced directly from local farmers. The materials go through a 4-step cleaning process which rids them of all the impurities and ensures that only the cleanest and whitest rice passes through. The cleaned rice is then parboiled to perfection, which brings that signature fluffiness that you know and love in your Idlis. Mastercook Idli Rice has the ideal taste and texture for the preparation of Dosas as well.

Available in 1kg, 25 kg

Additional information


Protein 4.43 g


Carbohydrates 7.2 g


Fat 0.39 g


Energy 33 Cal

How is Idli Rice different from normal rice?

Idli rice is parboiled to perfection, allowing it to soak faster than regular rice and produce more batter. Thus, Idli Rice is the best rice to make idlis.

Can we make other dishes with Mastercook Idli Rice?

Idli rice is ideal for making soft, fluffy idlis, but it can also be used to make rice dishes such as dosa, kheer, and biryani.

Is Idli Rice healthy?

During the soaking and parboiling of rice, B vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin are integrated from the hull into the rice. It improves cell metabolism and is used to treat diarrhea in children. It becomes a good protein source, When cooked with legumes such as urad dal.

How is Mastercook Idli Rice produced?

Idli rice is parboiled rice that has been partially boiled with the husk. Soaking, steaming, and drying are the three basic steps of parboiling that increase the nutritional value of rice and change its texture. The raw materials undergo a 4-step cleaning procedure and 28 quality checks.

How to store Mastercook Idli Rice?

Idli rice should be stored in a closed, airtight container devoid of moisture and away from extreme hot and humid temperatures.