Ground Nut Chutney Powder


The most popular chutney powder in Northern Karnataka, Groundnut chutney powder, also known as Shenga chutney pudi. Add this to your meal to add some nutty & spicy flavor.

Available in 250 Grams.

Are groundnuts nutritious?

Vitamin E, magnesium, folate, copper, and arginine are among the vitamins and minerals that are abundant in groundnuts. Additionally, groundnuts' high protein content makes them the perfect food for anyone trying to lose weight or build muscle.

Why are groundnuts known as poor man’s protein?

The higher income population has always been able to afford nuts and oilseeds, but only groundnuts are accessible to the less fortunate as a good source of protein. So it is frequently referred to as "poor man's protein."

Which season does groundnuts grow in?

Although groundnut is primarily a kharif crop and makes up nearly 80% of the total area and production, it is grown in a number of Indian states during one or more of the seasons (kharif, rabi, and summer) (June-October).

Are groundnuts and peanuts the same?

Legumes, or pods of the peanut plant are known as groundnuts. Because they ripen underground, peanuts are also known as groundnuts. The scientific name for the peanut plant is Arachis hypogaea. It belongs to the same family as peas, beans, and clovers.

Why is groundnut so popular in India?

In India, groundnut is referred to as the "King of Oilseeds." Another name for groundnut is the "miracle nut" or "poor man's almond." Due to two crop cycles that are harvested in March and October, it is available all year long. It is one of the most significant food and cash crops in our nation.