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Master Cook Dalia is made from carefully selected durum wheat which undergoes a 4-step cleaning process and then grounded into granules. It is highly nutritious as it does not undergo refining.

Available in 1kg, 25kg

How is Mastercook Dalia made?

Mastercook Dalia is cracked or broken wheat that is made by coarsely milling whole raw wheat grains. All raw materials are subjected to multi-step cleaning and quality checks.

What are the health advantages of Dalia?

Dalia is high in dietary fiber, which benefits gut health. It also aids in weight loss and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Does Dalia have gluten?

Yes. Since it is made from dried durum wheat which naturally contains gluten. This Dalia also contains gluten.

Can Dalia help in weight loss?

Dalia has a low fat content and can control calories. It is ideal for people who are concerned about gaining weight.

Can Dalia be consumed daily?

Dalia is an excellent addition to daily diet because it is energizing, high in fiber, and keeps calories in check.