cofta curry
Cabbage Kofta Curry
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Deep-fried spiced shredded cabbage balls are served in a yogurt-based curry. It pairs beautifully with rice or roti. Kofta is derived from the Persian word kofta and translates to ‘to grind’. It is a gluten-free option. Servings: 2 Amount per serving...
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Rice flour crackers
Aloo and Rice Flour Crackers
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Traditionally, Indian savoury snacks used to be the pride of every household. The variety of snacks marked the experience of the home cook. Today, homemade products have dwindled because these snacks are available in all condiment stores. Unfortunately, such products...
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Brown Rice Pakodas
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Rice plays such an essential role in an Indian household. Sometimes, we end up making more than we truly need and this food ends up in the bin. Next time you have leftover rice at home, make these instead. Rice...
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